About Inammorata

She’s in love … She’s coming full of confidence. She is bright but romantic, knows what she wants, but not arrogant. Exquisite elegance from head to toe. This is how Inammorata bride feels like. ❤

Innamorata Bridal is a Baltic wedding dress brand. The designs are created by designer Aurelija Beliakaite. Each dress is hand-made from high-quality fabrics with attention to details by dressmakers in Lithuania.

The whole idea & uniqueness of our fashion house is that you can create your very own dress by combining different tops, skirts and decor elements. In our fashion house you can find flowing chiffon, classic tulle, elegant satin and modern crepe dresses made in custom sizes.

Buying a dress gives you an apple tree in the “Garden of Love” created by Aurelija Beliakaitė. Every year trees are planted in various spaces of the city for every wedding dress sold. Thus the bride creates a symbol of her own sustainable family and contributes to a greener and more ecological city. 🌳